Data is central to our creative approach. The challenge is not about Big Data, Crunch Data or Smart Data. It’s about understanding the contours of the question we’re asking ourselves. Detecting emotion, analysing the competition, having a command of a brand territory and pre-empting new approaches by listening to weak signals: that’s how we use data.

1. Editorial positioning

Gathering information, listening to the signals and capturing the trends with search, social listening, internal data and existing studies: this is how we define the editorial positioning.

2. Customised study

Answering all of your questions using an ad hoc data study together with an analysis of the strategic planning. Gaining a deeper understanding of your targets and competitive landscape, detecting weak signals, e-reputation, etc.

3. Semantic data

Helps to define the brand’s contours and to choose topics of interest to the targets that fulfil an actual need.
Semantic data also allows us to optimise editorial briefs and refine topic relevance throughout the mission.

4. Thematic study

Provides insights into emerging societal issues or collective movements. Here we take stock of the situation of electric vehicles, day-to-day stress or who is using streaming.

5. Performance monitoring

With the help of the internet we can develop content throughout the mission. Based on performance metrics, engagement metrics and how the content is consumed, we have to constantly adapt to ensure your return on investment.